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A statewide appellate firm.

Headquartered in DeLand, Florida, Alexander Appellate Law P.A. is a boutique law firm focusing on appellate services, legal research and writing, and trial support. We offer our services statewide.

Appeals are different.

Appellate practice is unlike any other area of the law. A successful appellate attorney has an in-depth knowledge of procedural and substantive law, sharp research skills, and a powerful and persuasive writing style—all this in addition to a close familiarity with every relevant aspect of the trial. Chances of success on appeal also depend on an attorney’s fluency in oral argument—the ability to persuade judges that the law, and the weight of justice, is on your side.

What we bring to the table.

Alexander Appellate Law P.A. offers you the benefit of practical experience that comes only from working as a staff attorney with esteemed judges inside an appellate court. Working inside a district court of appeal provides a unique perspective into how judges analyze cases, in-depth knowledge of the substantive and procedural rules of appellate law, and an inside look at the mechanics of the appeal process. With Alexander Appellate Law P.A., you benefit from this experience.

Why choose us?

Not only does Alexander Appellate Law P.A. offer the insight gained from working closely with appellate judges, assisting them in their decision-making, and helping them craft their opinions—we do so for a value. Alexander Appellate Law P.A. is a low-overhead firm that practices client-focused staffing, charges fewer expenses than traditional firms, and offers alternative fee arrangements—all of which maximize the value we offer our clients.


Alexander Appellate Law P.A.

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Areas of Practice


  • Counsel of Record. Lead appellate attorney in state and federal courts.

  • Co-counsel. Co-counsel on appeal, including brief writing, motions, and appellate advice.

  • Brief Review. Increase effectiveness of briefs through secondary review, including fully researched legal analysis, suggested edits and additions, proof-reading, and cite-checking.

  • Case Evaluation. An objective analysis of the merits of your case.

PRE-trial support

  • Preliminary Legal Motions. Write preliminary motions on jurisdiction, venue, and choice of law.

  • Dispositive Legal Motions. Craft motions to to dismiss and motions for summary judgment.

  • Evidentiary Motions. Handle evidentiary motions, including motions related to discovery, the admission or exclusion of evidence, and expert witnesses.

legal research and writing

  • Legal Research. Extensive research into any legal topic, to maximize your argument’s chances of success at trial or on appeal.

  • Memoranda. Fully-researched, objective memoranda on any issue, whether legal or strategic. Includes case evaluations for trial or appeal.

amicus curiae

  • Obtain Leave to File. Prepare motions for leave to file an amicus brief.

  • Amicus Briefs. Draft amicus briefs for organizations interested in the outcome of an appeal but not party to the litigation.

  • Amicus Review. Review amicus briefs before they are submitted to the court.

trial support

  • Preservation. Assist in properly preserving claims of error at trial, including errors related to jury selection, presentation of evidence, motions for involuntary dismissal or directed verdict, jury instructions, and closing arguments.

  • Briefing. Prepare briefs on issues that come up during trial.

Post-trial support

  • Post-Trial Motions. Prepare and respond to post-trial motions, including motions for new trial.

  • Post-Trial Preservation. Draft motions for rehearing, to ensure that before an appeal is filed the trial court is given the opportunity to correct any errors that appear on the face of the judgment.

  • Preparing the Record. Help prepare the record on appeal by ensuring that it includes all relevant transcripts, filings, exhibits, and judicial acts to be reviewed.


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